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This project realizes a math expression viewer for WPF/SL/RT that is fed by math description language parsers (LaTeX, MathML, ...).

Implemented Features

  • More-Than-Basic LaTeX math language structure parser
  • Fractions
  • Operator extraction
  • Whitespace handling (including negative spaces)
  • Sub- and Superscript
  • Baseline management system
  • Nearly complete operator list and greek symbols
  • Every feature with suitable WPF view class
  • New: Basic Silverlight 5.0 frontend!

Example (nonesense) expression and the test output:
Example (nonesense) expression and the test output

Planned Features

  • Fully functional LaTeX math language parser
  • RT frontend
  • MathML parser

Call for Support

  • MathML parser
  • Maybe different, more efficient LaTeX parser approach?
  • Generally implement missing math objects
  • Testing, testing, testing

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